My Book
by Serena

This book I have written is loosely based upon my own experiences as an undiagnosed autistic. Please click here to read more about the book and to order a copy.


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Jonathan Batchelor was a well-known artist in the San Fransisco Bay area and lived in a small community in the redwoods near Moraga called, 'Canyon'. Many of his works were burned in a fire after his death. Fortunately I do have some photographic records. Here are a few of his paintings to enjoy.

Jonathan Batchelor Self Portrait
Jonathan Batchelor Self Portrait            
st. Mary's College
St Mary's College  
Glicee Prints for SaleLilith
Giclee Prints for SalelJonathan with Skull
Jonathan with Skull  
Self Portrait 1940s
Self Portrait done in the 1940s  
Selfie in Smock
Selfie in Smock  
The Mermaid
The Mermaid 1960s  
Going Home from School
Going Home from School  
carriage House
Carriage House, Oakland 1940s  
Piper- Cubism 1942
Piper - Cubism 1940s  
Oregon Rainforest
Oregon Rainforest 1940s  
Allegory 1930s  
Sierra Cabin
Sierra Cabin 1946  
Pastel Study
Pastel Study  
Study for Waterfall
Study for Waterfall 1940