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This book I have written is loosely based upon my own experiences as an undiagnosed autistic. I have enjoyed writing ever since I can remember. It was written as an attempt to understand myself better. It wasn't until my sister gave birth to her two autistic children that I began to read about autism. Apparently it can be genetic. And sometimes members of the immediate family can exhibit differening qualities of autism, even while not completely autistic. My inability to "read" people and look them in the eyes, have been with me ever since I can remember. Others in my family have exhibited lack of certain social graces, and shyness.

In "Tocadero" I relate the story of a woman named Gayle who lives in the Bay Area of California. One of her joys is hiking, and these areas of the book contain many descriptive accounts of the scenery. Her love of animals is apparant too.

The front cover art was designed by myself. The back illustration is a painting of me done in 1980 by a renouned Bay Area artist, Jonathan Batchelor. Click here to order.